Investing with AMG Wealth Solutions

What are your investment goals ?

As a rule the majority of us will all aim for different things in life and no one has the same priorities and aspirations. What we originally aim for will alter as time passes and new challenges present themselves.

At AMG Wealth Solutions we believe that our investment process will allow you to plan for all of your goals and keep you focused on achieving them as your circumstances change.

We won’t try and promise or guarantee future returns or try and guess which investments will offer the best returns. What we will do is use our skill and expertise to maximise the chance of you reaching your goal.

We will help you to focus on what’s important to you and your family and formulate a clear plan. We believe in making complex things simple and in speaking in way that you understand.

Our planning process will allow you to identify the level risk you are willing to accept, showing you both the potential gains as well as the potential downsides of any investment.

We are able to analyse your current investments. This will help show you if your existing plans are in line with your current requirements.

Our portfolio recommendations will take into account the fact that all types of investment carry some form of risk. In order to reduce this risk we believe that investors should spread their investments across several different types of asset classes. Studies have shown that this approach works.

We will then help to monitor and keep you on track, altering your portfolio as your goals and priorities change and as the value of your assets alter.

What investment vehicles do we use? Well, that depends. We will use which ever investment vehicle is most suited to you. Some investments will restrict access and won’t be suited to everyone, some will have different tax rules which will benefit some but not others. Whether it be an investment bond. Stocks and shares ISA or a Buy to Let property our customer orientated approach will help you meet your aims.

Everyone is different and our advice reflects that.

If you would like to talk to one of our financial advisors please call us on 029 2061 6066 or e-mail us directly.

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